Cancer Registry Center

   Regular registration of cancer data and information plays important and vital role in control of diseases and also in different levels of diseases prevention. In this way, the first step is regular and continuous data collecting from cancerous patients as demographic, clinical and pathological information.Analysis of these data in this center and creation of report plus article publishing can discuss incidence and prevalence rates, and also diseases trends and their important in whole population or different geographical regions.

   It is clear that information of this center is one of the national wealth that can produce the way for performing future epidemiological studies, planning and predicting of facilities and also readiness for confront with possible diseases inducing conditions.

   This center was being its work from September 2001 as a research project with management of Dr. Seyyed Ziadin Tabei and our goal is to produce active hospital cancer registration model. In this project, all patients which referred to Nemazee Hospital are monitored and demographic information and habitant data that affect their disease and important for cause identification are record.Health-therapy authorities will inform about the obtained data and also their importance and necessity.This helps us to create hospitals and population cancer register in our country as the further aim.

   Data were entered in excel sheet until 2009 and after that, web based software is used. Up to now, data from about 15000 cancerous patients are recorded and several thesis and international research articles were extracted from them. Now, this registry center is worked with collaboration of Gastroenterohepatology Research Center.